Think eating lunch is the culprit for ruined lipstick? Think twice it's dry, dehydrated, flakey lips!

Here are some key tips and tricks to make sure your pout is soft and pillowy with our beauty products.

1. Stay Hydrated with Water 

Your lips are one of the first indicators of dehydration.  Drink plenty of water as your first defense to keep your lips supple and sexy.  It's recommend to drink eight 8 ounces of water a day to keep your body in good health and lips looking plump! 

2. Keep Your Lips Conditioned and Safe

Use hydrating lip moisturizers, balms, oils, or masks.  Ones with ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil to name a few. When out and about have SPF in your lip conditioner of choice.  It's recommended at least to have SPF15.  

3. Exfoliating 

Exfoliating is key when lips need a little R&R.  Use a lip scrub to get your lips soft and supple when dealing with dry, chapped lips.  If you don't have a lip scrub, no problem DIY your own natural scrub.  Use sugar mixed with honey to get the perfect mix of of exfoliation and hydration. 
4. Choose the Right Shade

Once your lips are exfoliated make sure to prime your lips with a hydrating lip balm.  Be mindful to not to overdue the hydrating emollient on your lips.  Next for the final look softly apply a lip liner of your choice around the border of the lips.  Lastly take one of your favorite liquid matte lipsticks and apply in the center of your lips.  Blend the color with your lip liner. There you have it the perfect pout!